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Group Releases
Date Series Release
Jun 8, 2023Kengan Omegac213
Apr 27, 2023Kengan Omegac207
Sep 22, 2022Rainbow Crownc1-10
Apr 20, 2023Kengan Omegac206
Apr 13, 2023Kengan Omegac205
Apr 11, 2023Iken Senki Völundioc45-46
Apr 6, 2023Kengan Omegac204
Mar 22, 2023Kengan Omegac202
Mar 16, 2023Kengan Omegac201
Mar 11, 2023No Way, Vampires Don't Exist!c3
Mar 9, 2023Kengan Omegac200
Mar 3, 2023Kengan Omegac199
Feb 23, 2023Kengan Omegac198
May 3, 2022Kyou kara Hajimeru Osananajimic4
May 3, 2022Kyou kara Hajimeru Osananajimic3
May 3, 2022Kyou kara Hajimeru Osananajimic2
May 3, 2022Kyou kara Hajimeru Osananajimic1.2
Jan 29, 2023Shi ni Modori, Subete o Sukuu Tame ni Saikyou e to Itaru @ Comicc58
May 3, 2022Kyou kara Hajimeru Osananajimic1.1
Jan 28, 2023Villain Lady Wishes to Be Like a Nightingalec18.1