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Group Releases
Date Series Release
Oct 19, 2023Moon-Shadow Sword Emperorc56
Oct 19, 2023I Got Caught Up In a Hero Summons, but the Other World was at Peace!c49
Oct 19, 2023Temporarily Closed for Work Reasonsc73
Oct 18, 2023I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Gamec65
Oct 18, 2023Jungle Juicec100
Oct 18, 2023The Ultimate of All Agesc236
Oct 17, 2023I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Gamec64
Oct 18, 2023The Ultimate of All Agesc235
Oct 18, 2023The Ultimate of All Agesc234
Oct 17, 2023Sword Fanatic Wanders Through the Nightc82
Oct 17, 2023Star-Fostered Swordmasterc12
Oct 17, 2023Omniscient Readerc180
Oct 17, 2023Archmage Streamerc85
Oct 16, 2023To Not Diec106
Oct 16, 2023The Terminally Ill Young Master of the Baek Clanc13
Oct 16, 2023Return of the Broken Constellationc86
Oct 16, 2023The God of War Who Regressed to Level 2c31
Oct 16, 2023The Novel's Extra (Remake)c79
Oct 16, 2023The Heavenly Demon Destroys the Lich King's Murimc72
Oct 16, 2023Clever Cleaning Life of the Returned Genius Hunterc48