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Series (9) All Purpose Apocalyptic Upgrade System, Bride of Obsidian, Hourly Love, Jigoku no Ashita, Love Affair, My Favorite Idol, The Legendary Wicked Woman Wants a Peaceful Second Life as a Boring Studious Girl, Wo Duo Shele Xitong Wanjia, Your Sounds
Releases 37
Group Releases
Date Series Release
Feb 15, 2024All Purpose Apocalyptic Upgrade Systemc25
Feb 8, 2024Your Soundsc23
Jan 26, 2024Bride of Obsidianc19
Jan 21, 2024Jigoku no Ashitav1c2.2
Jan 19, 2024Bride of Obsidianc18
Jan 11, 2024Bride of Obsidianc17
Jan 11, 2024Bride of Obsidianc16
Jan 7, 2024My Favorite Idolc26
Jan 4, 2024My Favorite Idolc25
Dec 30, 2023Hourly Lovec19
Dec 22, 2023My Favorite Idolc24
Dec 22, 2023Love Affairc26
Dec 16, 2023Hourly Lovec18
Dec 8, 2023Love Affairc25
Dec 7, 2023My Favorite Idolc23
Dec 3, 2023My Favorite Idolc22
Dec 1, 2023Hourly Lovec17
Nov 30, 2023Jigoku no Ashitav1c2.1
Nov 29, 2023Hourly Lovec16
Nov 28, 2023Love Affairc24