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Group Releases
Date Series Release
Oct 3, 2023Return to Playerc142
Oct 2, 2023All Hail the Sect Leaderc272
Oct 2, 2023It Starts with a Mountainc574-575
Oct 2, 2023I Reincarnated as a Legendary Surgeonc84
Oct 1, 2023Records of the Swordsman Scholarc88
Oct 1, 2023After Ten Years of Chopping Wood, Immortals Begged to Become My Disciplesc49
Sep 30, 2023My Lucky Encounter From the Game Turned Into Realityc22
Sep 30, 2023It Starts with a Mountainc573
Sep 30, 2023World's Greatest Senior Disciplec51
Sep 30, 2023I'll Resign and Have a Fresh Start in This Worldc58
Sep 30, 2023Top Tier Providencec130
Sep 30, 2023Infinite Leveling: Murimc166
Sep 30, 2023Auto Hunting With My Clonesc63
Sep 30, 2023I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshotc307-309
Sep 29, 2023Top Tier Providencec129
Sep 28, 2023Albanara of the Godsc36
Sep 29, 2023Eternal Clubc224-228
Sep 29, 2023A Knight With a Time Limitc12
Sep 29, 2023Warrior Grandpa and Supreme Granddaughterc6-7
Sep 29, 2023How to Live as an Illegal Healerc28