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Series (152)
Releases 4641
Group Releases
Date Series Release
Oct 2, 2022The Youngest Son of a Master Swordsmanc40
Oct 2, 2022Academy's Undercover Professorc25
Oct 2, 2022Arcane Sniperc89
Oct 2, 2022I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Gamec15
Oct 2, 2022The Hero Returnsc43
Oct 2, 2022Kill the Heroc109
Oct 2, 2022Cursed Manager's Regressionc19-20
Oct 2, 2022Barbarian Questc45
Oct 1, 2022Kill the Dragonc28
Sep 30, 2022Secret Playerc13-15
Sep 30, 2022Never Die Extrac7-18
Sep 30, 2022Ending Makerc35
Sep 30, 2022Regressor Instruction Manualc61
Sep 29, 2022The Tutorial Is Too Hardc81
Sep 28, 2022Seoul Station Druidc71
Sep 28, 2022Duke Pendragonc55
Sep 28, 2022Mercenary Enrollmentc103
Sep 28, 2022Regressor Instruction Manualc60
Sep 28, 2022The Tutorial Is Too Hardc80
Sep 28, 2022Seoul Station's Necromancerc63