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Group Releases
Date Series Release
Nov 26, 2022Magical Shooting: Sniper of Steelc49
Nov 26, 2022The Ember Knightc86
Nov 26, 2022Stuck in the Towerc11
Nov 25, 2022Wu Dong Qian Kunc148
Nov 26, 2022Stuck in the Towerc10
Nov 24, 2022Wu Dong Qian Kunc147
Nov 24, 2022Universal Raiderc10
Nov 23, 2022The Gamerv6c9
Nov 24, 2022Universal Raiderc9
Nov 24, 2022Universal Raiderc8
Nov 24, 2022Universal Raiderc7
Nov 23, 2022Stuck in the Towerc9
Nov 23, 2022The Strongest Unemployed Heroc28
Nov 22, 2022Universal Raiderc6
Nov 22, 2022The Ultimate of All Agesc146
Nov 21, 2022Stuck in the Towerc8
Nov 22, 2022Universal Raiderc5
Nov 21, 2022I Took Over The Demonic Ancestorc25
Nov 21, 2022Dungeon Resetc135
Nov 21, 2022The Ultimate of All Agesc145