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Group Releases
Date Series Release
May 20, 2024Reincarnation of the Hero Party Archmagec28
May 20, 2024Dungeon Resetc199
May 20, 2024The Evil Ringc11
May 20, 2024The Scholar's Reincarnationc214
May 19, 2024Reincarnation of the Hero Party Archmagec27
May 19, 2024The Scholar's Reincarnationc213
May 18, 2024Underworld Restaurantc42
May 18, 2024Karate Baka Isekaic29
May 18, 2024Wu Dong Qian Kunc222
May 18, 2024Chaotic Sword God (Remake)c126
May 17, 2024The Ultimate of All Agesc293
May 17, 2024The Gamerv7c44
May 17, 2024The Gamerv7c43
May 15, 2024Han Dae Sung Returned From Hellc85
May 15, 2024A Wizard's Restaurantc32
May 14, 2024The Evil Ringc10
May 14, 2024Dungeon Resetc198
May 13, 2024Underworld Restaurantc40-41
May 12, 2024Chaotic Sword God (Remake)c125
May 12, 2024The Ultimate of All Agesc292