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I'm Going to Twist His Neck
4.0 (1 ratings)
2.6k Views 62 Releases 6 Readers

Chloe Garnettsch, who devoted everything to the man she loved, eventually died miserably, realizing too late that she was a bait for the beautiful, seemingly affectionate man to throw at the emperor.

"I like Uncle."

At that time, I was so immature that I couldn't hide my growing crush.

"I've loved you since a long time ago."

My body trembled as he slowly lifted my chin and galnced over my body, but I gathered my courage and took a step towards him.

"Love? You've already become a woman."

His fingertips carassed my face. Despite the unexpected confession, he was overly relaxed and skillful.

"I like you too, Chloe. I love you. How can I not spoil you, who will bring me your brother's neck in the future?"

The man I loved was so sweet yet so cruel.

"Birth the child of the emperor."

When I opened my eyes again, he looked down at me with a pale face.

He was a man who trampled on my love and broke me.

Associated Names
I'll Twist the Neck of a Sweet Dog
I Shall Kill that Sweet Devil
I Will Twist the Neck of a Friendly Little Bastard
다정한 개새끼의 목을 비틀었다
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    I'm Going to Twist His Neck
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    I'm Going to Twist His Neck
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