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Demoniac Two Heroes
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"The head of our family is foolish person," thought Cha Wun-Yeop, the servant of the respected sage.

A foolish master, who plays around by his mistress, Chang Sanmi and an upright man, Beom Seosoo, stand in stark contrast as the prince.

“Beom Seosoo, with his upright character, is the most formidable person I've ever known!”

Caught stealing, he faced severe scolding and disgrace, but Cha Wun-Yeop ends up aiding Beom Seosoo against Chang Sanmi's plot.

"But as the eldest son of the Kamseuk Clan, I can’t just stand by and watch."

"I will grow stronger than I am now and deal with of them all."

Determined to seek revenge on Chang Sanmi, Beom Seosoo sets out to gain strength, while Cha Wun-Yeop leaves the Seol family to follow his own path.

"Living life once, I’ll no longer be an orphan or a servant, but live as a transcendent being."

"Freely and with pride, I will roam this vast world."

Practicing his unique martial arts through mystical methods, Cha Wun-Yeop becomes a master, getting closer to the mastermind behind the plot at Seol Kam-Seuk's House.

One day, Cha Wun-Yeop and Beom Seosoo reunite. Cha Wun-Yeop is astonished to see if Beom Seosoo's martial arts.

“As the eldest son of a prestigious family, you use this kind of swordsmanship!”

The man who once criticized him was now walking the same path of martial arts as him!

Associated Names
The Twin Swords of the Sima Clan
The Twin Swords Of The Sima Clan
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    Demoniac Two Heroes
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    Demoniac Two Heroes
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