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Fruits Basket
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Tohru Honda, an orphaned high-school girl, is taken in by the wealthy Shigure Sohma when he realizes she has nowhere else to go. However, the Sohma family shares a secret, and it isn't long before Tohru discovers that there's a reason why her classmates, Yuki and Kyo Sohma, never let girls get near them, and never talk about their lives before they lived with Shigure. And before she knows it, Tohru has become so tangled up in the lives of each member of the Sohma family that she couldn't leave even if she wanted to.

As she learns more and more about the truth of the Sohma family and the nature of their secrets, she desperately searches for a way that she can save them. But what can one girl do, especially when it seems that she may have been part of someone's plan all along.

Note: Fruits Basket received the 2001 Kodansha Manga Award in the shoujo manga category and the "Best Manga" award at the 2007 American Anime Awards.

Associated Names
Furuutsu Basuketto
Giỏ Trái Cây
Meyve Sepeti
Корзинка фруктов
سلة الفواكة
후르츠 바스켓
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    Fruits Basket
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      Status: c0

      One simple minded kind girl solving psychological issue of 12 people cursed by zodiac. With kindness and care. 

      Fruits basket is pretty popular and the new anime adaptation is already aired, so most people probably already heard of this one before. It's cute, and sad, and got mysteries, but I am not a fan of Tohru's saint marry character.

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