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The Game That I Came From
4.1 (6 ratings)
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If you max out your level in-game, you can get heaven-defying powers in real life?!

Player Ling Ce finally obtained this reward through his hard work but ended up receiving the most useless skills. Just as he was mourning his luck, a mysterious power brought him back to three years in the past. With the experiences and memories of his previous life, how many different wonderful things can he bring to his new life?

Associated Names
I Back From a Game
I Came From the Game
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    The Game That I Came From
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    The Game That I Came From
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      Status: c188

      Hahaha every time I see little Ryuko I think of Tenchi Muyo. The stripes on his cheeks don’t help the association. The differences between the characters keeps making me giggle. The story itself is pretty standard fare. At least it does not come across extremely subpar for the genre, which is a standout for how flooded the market is with this type of cliché “I’ll be number one in the game and it will make me number one in reality too!” type tale.

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