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Pupillary Master
1.0 (1 ratings)
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"Luo Qingtong, a young lady from the 24th century who ranked first among those with superpowers, miraculously transmigrated into a different world. There, she begins her journey of vengeance as the crippled, oldest daughter of a duke from the lower kingdoms, where villains line up to get face-slapped and scumbags and manipulative bitches wait to get tortured!

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. She'll exterminate anyone who offends her! All is going well... but then she accidentally gets involved with a man of peerless beauty, whom she attempts to flirt with whenever she's unable to win against him in a fight. From there on, it becomes a story about their romantic pursuits..."

Associated Names
Extreme pupil teacher: Miss Peerless
Supreme Ocular Master: The Peerless Heiress
Supreme Pupillary Master: Peerless Eldest Miss
Zhizun Tong Shushi: Jue Shi Da Xiaojie
Алые глаза
암흑 속에 피는 꽃 : 지존동술사
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    Pupillary Master
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    Pupillary Master
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      Status: c119

      wow! Just wow!!
      I went into this story with very low expectations of a trashy mary-sue story, but wow, this story still managed to disgust me... Brainless MC just does whatever she wants, irrespective of whether it hurts someone else or comes back to bite her - she's supposed to be a benevolent genius, but still manages to hurt the only person trying to help her and seal his soul!! Can't take more of this mindless drivel!
      One star is for the beautiful art!

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