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The Most Notorious "Talker" Runs the World's Greatest Clan
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Noel, a youth who admires his grandfather, who was hailed as a hero, and aspires to be the strongest Seeker.

But his Job that appeared in the appraisal, was the support class Talker.

Talker is a peaky job with the weakest individual abilities. A job that could never become the strongest.

「If I create the strongest clan and become the clan master, then I’ll essentially be the strongest」

Thinking that, Noel worked hard persistently to fulfill his ambition.

On the other hand, the merciless methods he employed for the sake of his ambition were acknowledged by everyone as the path of『evil』.

However, Noel’s distinct talent attracted many powerful people and they began to gather under him……

This is the story of how the most evil Talker, who seeks to be the strongest, subdues his allies and creates the strongest clan in the world.

Associated Names
I'm the Most Evil Support Class "Talker" and I'll Subdue the Strongest Clan in the World
I'm the Most Evil Support Class【Talker】and I'll Subdue the Strongest Clan in the World
Saikyou no Shien-shoku "Wajutsushi" Dearu ore wa Sekai Saikyou Kuran o Shitagaeru
Saikyou no Shien-shoku "Wajutsushi" Dearu Ore wa Sekai Saikyou Kuran wo Shitagaeru
The Strongest Clan's Master Is the Weakest and Most Evil Support Class ~Even with a Fail Job「Talker」, with My Brains and Dependable Allies' Abilities, I'm the World's Strongest Seeker~
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    The Most Notorious
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    The Most Notorious "Talker" Runs the World's Greatest Clan
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