Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Series Release Group
Tenmaku no Jadougal v2c13 Home Hero Scans
Webtoon Character Na Kang Lim
c144 by StoneScape
c144 StoneScape
Welcome Home, Papa c18 /a/nonymous
Listen to My Voice!!
v2c18.5 by Axhtz
v2c18.5 Axhtz
Webtoon Character Na Kang Lim
c143 by StoneScape
c143 StoneScape
The Legendary Mechanic
c252 by Manhua Plus
c252 Manhua Plus
My Sect's Senior Disciple Has a Hole in His Brain c500 Supreme Scans
Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie
c40 by Vikija
c40 Vikija
Dou ka Ore wo Hanatte Oitekure
c22 by Skythewood
c22 Skythewood
Nekama Punch!!!
c61 by Vikija
c61 Vikija
Occhoko Doji Onee-san v2c12 ROML Translations
Ao Ashi
c368 by A pair of 2
c368 A pair of 2
Spinach Bouquet
c102 by ariyin
c102 ariyin
I Have an SSS-rank Trait, but I Want a Normal Life c70 KP_Poseidon
Leo c27 BB Rescue Agency
Player Who Can't Level Up
c145 by Asura
c145 Asura
Ah Yes, the Golden Spoon Has Arrived!
c86 by darjeeling
c86 darjeeling
Heavenly Moon c2 Vagabond Scans
v8c78 by Team Duwang
v8c78 Team Duwang
Heavenly Moon c1 Vagabond Scans
Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu
c72 by sumidolce
c72 sumidolce
Kemono Jihen
v10c39 by sumidolce
v10c39 sumidolce
Mr. Mallow Blue v4c24 Sunflower Patch
Hyouka c123 Kotenbu Scans
The Millionaire Divorcee c98 No Group (Batoto)
Hidden Love (Zhu Yi) c101 Sunflower Patch
Hidden Love (Zhu Yi)
v4c101 by Sunflower Patch
v4c101 Sunflower Patch
Lady Chef Royale
c124 by mei (batoto)
c124 mei (batoto)
It's My Destiny to Be the Hero's Savior c67 mei (batoto)
Red Blue
c35 by Retsu
c35 Retsu
Radiation House c85 BlackBulls8
Regressing With the King's Power
c34 by Asura
c34 Asura
Sleeping Princess and Dreaming Devil c43 Träumerei Scans
Reiwa no Dara-san v3c25.5 Big Fun Enjoyable...
c88 by fleurdelis
c88 fleurdelis
The Doctor Is Out
c56 by fleurdelis
c56 fleurdelis
Flowers Are Flowers, Leaves Are Leaves
c63 by fleurdelis
c63 fleurdelis
The Tale of the Frost Flower
c75 by fleurdelis
c75 fleurdelis
Kaguhara's Fetish Notebook c11 No Group (MD)
I'm Gonna Live With You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You
v4c22 by ToruScans
v4c22 ToruScans
Idol o Sagase
v9c64 by Life Carnaval
v9c64 Life Carnaval
Giji Harem
v5c101.5 by Blue Cosmos Scans
v5c101.5 Blue Cosmos Scans
1-nen A-gumi no Monster
v11c61 by No Group (MD)
v11c61 No Group (MD)
Uma Musume - Pretty Derby Uma Musumeshi v3c30.5 Full Moon Cafe Scans
19 Days
c444 by BBLover
c444 BBLover
You Shou Yan c782 You Shou Yan Fanclub
Tartaros Gekijou Wild Persona 4koma!
v1c13 by Gouma-Den
v1c13 Gouma-Den
The Tutorial Is Too Hard
c162 by Asura
c162 Asura
Villain to Kill
c145 by Asura
c145 Asura
Return of the Legendary Spear Knight
c134 by Asura
c134 Asura
Logging 10,000 Years into the Future
c111 by Asura
c111 Asura
I Became a Renowned Family's Sword Prodigy
c109 by Asura
c109 Asura
Return of the Broken Constellation
c109 by Asura
c109 Asura
Kill the Dragon
c108 by Asura
c108 Asura
I Regressed to My Ruined Family
c87 by Asura
c87 Asura
Your Talent Is Mine
c75 by Asura
c75 Asura
The Terminally Ill Young Master of the Baek Clan
c40 by Asura
c40 Asura
Steel-Eating Player
c37 by Asura
c37 Asura
The Returning Instinct of a Hound
c26 by Asura
c26 Asura
Ichikoe, Nifuri, Tachiaoi c4 Sappho Scans
Angel Heart
v30c330 by ACF Team
v30c330 ACF Team
Ooga no Aniki to Doreichan v4c45 CClaw Translation
Go Away, Let Me Be Cute First! c78 Mala Hotpot Scans
The Daily Life of a Middle-Aged Online Shopper in Another World
c53 by Krypticals
c53 Krypticals
Daydreaming About Me c45 Leslie and the Victims
Hotpot Family c82 Mala Hotpot Scans
Monday, April 22, 2024
Series Release Group
Love for Hire (Livingston)
c77 by kahochi
c77 kahochi
Kokoro no Koe ga Kikoeru Akuyaku Reijou wa, Kyou mo Koinu Denka ni Honrousareru c10 Butterfly Scans
Shadows House c192 Palmtop Scans
Ragna Crimson c73 The Bloodline of Cringe
Zebraman v5c48 Midnight Bruisers
c32 by -sisifos
c32 -sisifos
Zebraman v5c47 Midnight Bruisers
Gods' Gambit
c38 by Asura
c38 Asura
Anime Tenchou
v2c31 by 5MENP
v2c31 5MENP
Myst, Might, Mayhem
c18 by Asura
c18 Asura
21st Century Half Rupee Coin c32 NIGHT SCANS
Dacheng Qi Cai You Ni Xi Xitong c15 NIGHT SCANS
Blood Rain 2
c66-68 by ManhwaFreak
c66-68 ManhwaFreak
The Lord of the Wheel of Destiny c6 ManhwaFreak
Saigo no Elf c3 ManhwaFreak
Nadai Tsuji Soba Isekaiten
c5.1 by ManhwaFreak
c5.1 ManhwaFreak
Zheng Yan Hou, Wo De Dizi Chengle Nvdi Da Mo Tou?! c12 Drake Scans
Zhan Yue c43 Drake Scans