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/ Genre / Seinen [ ]
26k Views 204 Releases 0 Releases/Week 552 Readers 0 Reviews Feb 13, 2024
Yoon Jae leads a miserable life after losing his wife and daughter. Then he reads his journal from the future: “You can see them again.”... more>>
11.5k Views 5 Releases 0 Releases/Week 25 Readers 0 Reviews May 29, 2022
Mochizuki reunited with his junior high school junior, Kirara Asuka, at a delivery health that was forcibly brought by a friend. Mochizuki, who is worried... more>>
8k Views 127 Releases 1 Release/Week 33 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 15, 2024
The story begins when the gods call a conference to decide the whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But... more>>
7.1k Views 22 Releases 0 Releases/Week 19 Readers 0 Reviews Sep 21, 2023
Late, an assassin with a mission completion rate of 99.9%, suddenly receives an assassination request from an unfamiliar client.... more>>
5.7k Views 1 Release 0 Releases/Week 19 Readers 0 Reviews Mar 12, 2022
Roberto Hoffman, a Navy SEAL officer, had a loving family and a peaceful life. However, his life takes a sudden turn when zombies appear. After... more>>
5.7k Views 329 Releases 2 Releases/Week 45 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 4, 2024
His only purpose was to protect his master. And yet he was powerless to protect her. But fate has more in store for him as... more>>
4.6k Views 190 Releases 0 Releases/Week 67 Readers 0 Reviews Feb 4, 2024
An era where hunters thrive on hunting monsters that come from Gates. Jin Tae-Kyung is a low-rank hunter who picks up a VR machine, and... more>>
3.9k Views 18 Releases 1 Release/Week 19 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 13, 2024
While all of his classmate were transported to another world as heroes, for some reason he was left out as the dungeon master... and he, Satoshi Shinta, became the world's enemy. As the enemy of humankind, in order to survive and live a pleasant life in another world, he had a big choice to makeー. Through devilish methods, make his enemies fall, and strengthen his dungeon!!... more>>
3.8k Views 14 Releases 0 Releases/Week 25 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 7, 2024
This is a story about a high school boy who is afraid of big tits and gets caught up with the new student with big... more>>
3.5k Views 11 Releases 0 Releases/Week 6 Readers 0 Reviews May 15, 2024
Shirokawa Sasane (30) is a former trading company employee and a huge fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. One day, after losing consciousness in Chinatown, he wakes up to find himself in the form of a little girl.... more>>
3.2k Views 114 Releases 0 Releases/Week 9 Readers 0 Reviews Sep 30, 2023
After saving the world, the strongest hero who has no place to go anywhere · Leo. Power that is too strong can not enter the... more>>
3.1k Views 267 Releases 2 Releases/Week 35 Readers 0 Reviews 23 hours ago
The worst talent that no one can compete with.... more>>
2.6k Views 36 Releases 1 Release/Week 18 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 4, 2024
Fujinomiya Soujirou is transported to a fantasy world with only his Daisho (pair of samurai swords) in hand. The katana can talk and swiftly informs... more>>
2.5k Views 169 Releases 0 Releases/Week 24 Readers 0 Reviews Oct 5, 2023
Among the various realms, is the manliest and most handsome evil god in history! The peerless and handsome Xie Yan crosses over and falls into... more>>
2.5k Views 44 Releases 1 Release/Week 6 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 16, 2024
The "former" savior, Takeru Yamato, was summoned to another world and executed because of his strength. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Japan,... more>>
2.5k Views 194 Releases 1 Release/Week 51 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 11, 2024
Kim Roksu has one life motto: "Let's not get beat up." But after dozing off somewhere midway through the novel "Birth of a Hero", he... more>>
2.4k Views 153 Releases 2 Releases/Week 18 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 5, 2024
Wakana Gojou is a fifteen year old high-school boy who was socially traumatized in the past due to his passions. That incident left a mark... more>>
2.3k Views 293 Releases 1 Release/Week 54 Readers 0 Reviews 21 hours ago
Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother returned to his possession. Inside, he... more>>
2.3k Views 38 Releases 1 Release/Week 6 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 13, 2024
Kenta, a freelancer, is reincarnated into a world that resembles a school otome game that his sister likes, and he finds himself a male student... more>>
2.2k Views 74 Releases 0 Releases/Week 10 Readers 0 Reviews Feb 5, 2024
Yoshino has always been treated differently because she is the granddaughter of Osaka's biggest mafia boss, so everyone is afraid of her, and she has never ever had a boyfriend.... more>>
2.1k Views 7 Releases 0 Releases/Week 24 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 12, 2023
2k Views 42 Releases 0 Releases/Week 5 Readers 0 Reviews Oct 3, 2022
The series follows the romance between an office worker & his high school crush who is now married to his childhood friend.
2k Views 3 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Dec 20, 2022
Deep in the forest lives a lone old woman.... more>>
1.9k Views 97 Releases 0 Releases/Week 15 Readers 0 Reviews May 26, 2024
He got a cute girlfriend who was the first in his life, but her friend tempted him with a body that was lewder than her... more>>
1.9k Views 334 Releases 2 Releases/Week 7 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 13, 2024
Aoi Ashito is a third year middle school student from Ehime. Behind his raw game hides his immense talent but Ashito suffers a huge setback because of his overly straightforward personality. The youth team manager of J1 club Tokyo City Esperion, Fukuda Tetsuya, appears in front of Ashito. Fukuda sees Ashito's limitless potential and invites him to take part in his team's tryouts in Tokyo. The story of the boy who will revolutionize football in Japan rapidly begins to unfold.... more>>