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9.6k Views 40 Releases 1 Release/Week 14 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 9, 2024
After falling into the ocean, Wataru Toyoumi, finds himself reincarnated in another world! Armed with a skill to allow him to summon boats he plans... more>>
8.3k Views 137 Releases 0 Releases/Week 217 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 3, 2024
26-year-old Jung Si-woo never had any friends, because there was nothing interesting about him. He lived an average life as an average person in an... more>>
6.1k Views 373 Releases 3 Releases/Week 34 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 10, 2024
[Taking place in the same story universe as “Lookism” and “How to Fight (Viral Hit)”:]... more>>
5.7k Views 329 Releases 2 Releases/Week 45 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 4, 2024
His only purpose was to protect his master. And yet he was powerless to protect her. But fate has more in store for him as... more>>
4.7k Views 170 Releases 0 Releases/Week 22 Readers 0 Reviews Nov 11, 2020
The man has forsaken by the world, the man a slave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion 90 million won ($2.7 million), bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With the revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss... more>>
4.6k Views 190 Releases 0 Releases/Week 67 Readers 0 Reviews Feb 4, 2024
An era where hunters thrive on hunting monsters that come from Gates. Jin Tae-Kyung is a low-rank hunter who picks up a VR machine, and... more>>
2.7k Views 346 Releases 2 Releases/Week 41 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 10, 2024
Tang Yoo Sung, a junior warrior with no talent or low level of training, died on the battlefield.... more>>
2.6k Views 36 Releases 1 Release/Week 18 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 4, 2024
Fujinomiya Soujirou is transported to a fantasy world with only his Daisho (pair of samurai swords) in hand. The katana can talk and swiftly informs... more>>
2.5k Views 169 Releases 0 Releases/Week 24 Readers 0 Reviews Oct 5, 2023
Among the various realms, is the manliest and most handsome evil god in history! The peerless and handsome Xie Yan crosses over and falls into... more>>
2.4k Views 105 Releases 0 Releases/Week 15 Readers 1 Review Apr 6, 2024
After being reincarnated, Ars Louvent is supposed to live in a different world as a weak aristocrat. Both his physical strength and intelligence were mediocre... more>>
2.3k Views 292 Releases 1 Release/Week 54 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 11, 2024
Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother returned to his possession. Inside, he... more>>
2.3k Views 352 Releases 2 Releases/Week 42 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 9, 2024
Ryu Han-bin was a normal person who just had been discharged from his mandatory military service, when he was transported to another world. Left to... more>>
1.9k Views 47 Releases 1 Release/Week 15 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 14, 2024
Tsundere heavenly master, big-breasted sister, barefoot poison cultivator, immortal swordswoman with white silk clothes, the last 5 out of the 6 strongest people in the... more>>
1.8k Views 75 Releases 0 Releases/Week 10 Readers 0 Reviews May 18, 2024
He is a typical poor kid in the Republic of Korea, 21-year-old Kang Sung-jae, who is struggling to make ends meet when he receives his... more>>
1.7k Views 251 Releases 0 Releases/Week 30 Readers 0 Reviews Aug 22, 2023
The world falls into a state of panic when 120 million players of a popular VR game, Eternal World, vanish without a trace one day.... more>>
1.5k Views 101 Releases 0 Releases/Week 12 Readers 0 Reviews Dec 15, 2023
I spent years preparing for the civil service exam.... more>>
1.5k Views 346 Releases 2 Releases/Week 61 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 11, 2024
Jinhyuk, a gaming Nutuber, was the only person who saw the ending of the game "Tower of Trials".... more>>
1.4k Views 530 Releases 3 Releases/Week 68 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 9, 2024
Dokja was an average office worker whose sole interest was reading his favorite web novel 'Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.' But when the novel... more>>
1.4k Views 196 Releases 0 Releases/Week 13 Readers 0 Reviews Apr 20, 2024
Would you like to find a job? Even at the cost of your soul? If so, then you’ve found the right place. Our job hunting advice website, Soul Sellers, is a site geared towards those willing to even sell their souls for employment; that’s right, people like you. Are you dealing with angels or demons?... more>>
1.3k Views 106 Releases 0 Releases/Week 10 Readers 0 Reviews May 20, 2024
29-year-old programmer Suzuki Ichirou finds himself transported into a fantasy RPG. Within the game, he's a 15-year-old named Satou. At first he thinks he's dreaming,... more>>
1.2k Views 296 Releases 2 Releases/Week 51 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 8, 2024
A lowly human who ascended to the position of a god, ‘Twilight of the Gods’.... more>>
1.2k Views 305 Releases 1 Release/Week 32 Readers 1 Review Jun 22, 2024
If you max out your level in-game, you can get heaven-defying powers in real life?! ... more>>
1.2k Views 44 Releases 1 Release/Week 13 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 27, 2024
One typical school day, Tsukuru and his classmates got transported to another world. On the other side of the summoning, there was a hero's auction, where each nation bid to take home the heroes to defeat the demon kings of each territory.... more>>
1.1k Views 165 Releases 0 Releases/Week 20 Readers 0 Reviews Feb 9, 2024
Due to the school bully's threat to get him game items, Ha Do-wan, the unlucky game shuttle, died after playing games all night long for... more>>
1.1k Views 298 Releases 1 Release/Week 34 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 23, 2024
Ten years ago, a group of gods turned everyone on Earth into players of a sadistic game that forced them to kill monsters in real... more>>