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1.3k Views 198 Releases 2 Releases/Week 30 Readers 0 Reviews 11 hours ago
Jung HyeonWoo had neither ‘Talent’, ‘Money’, or ‘Luck’.... more>>
1.2k Views 304 Releases 2 Releases/Week 32 Readers 1 Review Jun 12, 2024
If you max out your level in-game, you can get heaven-defying powers in real life?! ... more>>
867 Views 142 Releases 0 Releases/Week 10 Readers 0 Reviews Feb 12, 2024
Her boyfriend was stolen through an online game! During this heartbreak, she logged in to the game and met…?!
839 Views 815 Releases 1 Release/Week 23 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 14, 2024
Han Jee-Han, a normal high school student, suddenly develops a special power where his entire world is shifted into a game-like setting. He can see the power levels of people, look at the stats of a seemingly normal item, get abilities, and even level up! Follow Han Jee-Han as he discovers how to use this power, and maybe even where it came from.... more>>
687 Views 207 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews Apr 14, 2023
Bareum’s planner might be full, but one thing she desperately needs in her diary is a date. When she is lured into joining a programming... more>>
545 Views 294 Releases 3 Releases/Week 36 Readers 0 Reviews 11 hours ago
One day, amidst a boring life, an invitation message appears before my eyes. [Would you like to enter the tutorial world?... more>>
464 Views 331 Releases 1 Release/Week 29 Readers 0 Reviews 16 hours ago
15 years remain till termination of service. The ending is known only to me.... more>>
449 Views 182 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 13, 2023
Children who are beginning their youth. Their growing pain on their way to spring.
295 Views 211 Releases 1 Release/Week 3 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 16, 2024
Terazaki Kaoru is about to meet up with his online friend, Nanami. But Nanami doesn't know Terazaki is a guy in real life! He's sure... more>>
263 Views 3 Releases 0 Releases/Week 0 Readers 0 Reviews Mar 3, 2023
In an unexpected turn of events, dull high school student Hiro Yuuki obtains the full dive role-playing game Kiwame Quest. Created by the best of technology, the game claims to take "reality to its extremes," from stunning graphics, NPCs' behavior, to the scent of vegetation, and even the sensation of wind brushing against the skin—everything was the result of an ultimate workmanship.... more>>
258 Views 51 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews Mar 11, 2024
Raito Sasaki is your average gamer, but he wants to be one of the best. So he decides to spend his money on a Trainer,... more>>
235 Views 50 Releases 0 Releases/Week 3 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 28, 2023
Honjou Kaede was invited by her friend, Shiromine Risa to play a VRMMO. I don't hate games, but painful things are a, I hate... more>>
228 Views 23 Releases 0 Releases/Week 7 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 23, 2021
Feng Xia, a completely hardworking game player, travels through time and space. With his power, attributes, and strategies learned from the games he played before,... more>>
173 Views 68 Releases 1 Release/Week 4 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 3, 2024
Takafumi's uncle was in coma for 17 years after being hit by truck. He awakens one day and claims to Takafumi that he was in... more>>
148 Views 43 Releases 0 Releases/Week 6 Readers 1 Review Jun 17, 2023
After 18 years of being together, freshman student, Su Qian, and her childhood friend, Han Shen, were accepted into the same school once again. They... more>>
128 Views 20 Releases 0 Releases/Week 0 Readers 0 Reviews Jan 26, 2022
"Life is a shitty game. No matter how hard you try, you cannot overcome the characteristics given to you at birth." ... more>>
108 Views 69 Releases 0 Releases/Week 6 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 2, 2023
Typical company employee Tanaka Daichi (38 years old, single) loves games and plays a new type of VRMMO called "One More Free Life Online" under... more>>
97 Views 285 Releases 1 Release/Week 3 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 12, 2024
Tomoko Kuroki naturally assumed she’d be popular when she got to high school…but then cold, hard reality swooped in for the attack! Turns out all... more>>
96 Views 57 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews May 21, 2023
Why is there a gal in the gaming club? Taichi Oota, an otaku, joined the game club to live his ideal high school life, and... more>>
84 Views 1 Release 0 Releases/Week 0 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 21, 2014
A Korean NEET who lives day to day playing games turned into a girl all of sudden! What will he do?... more>>
79 Views 16 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Feb 15, 2022
A hot fighting game played at the girls' school!!... more>>
75 Views 23 Releases 0 Releases/Week 5 Readers 0 Reviews Oct 20, 2023
Xu Chuan discovered that he could get an achievement for everything he did. “DING! Moved a wooden box once, gained an achievement, Wooden box mover,... more>>
66 Views 51 Releases 0 Releases/Week 0 Readers 0 Reviews Feb 3, 2022
Meet my neighbor - a typical fantasy novelist, more than a little scatterbrained, likes to gossip, borrow things without asking, and play MMORPGs. Oh, and by the way, he's a dragon in disguise. ... more>>
50 Views 12 Releases 0 Releases/Week 3 Readers 0 Reviews Jan 20, 2022
As he was being transferred to a different world with his classmates, Fubuki Amasaka was pushed out of the teleportation circle by his class bully, Yushin. When he woke up, he was alone and deep in a forest.... more>>
43 Views 11 Releases 0 Releases/Week 0 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 7, 2021
High school girl in the manga cafe! Meiko is a countryside girl who enters a rich girls' school. All expenses will be paid if she participates in activities... But who knew it would mean live-in work in a manga cafe?! Living in a small manga cafe booth turns out not to be so bad!... more>>