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0 Views 6 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Mar 21, 2015
Comical sidestories from within the main series' timeline and featuring some new characters.... more>>
0 Views 56 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews Aug 30, 2012
Ju Ingong (which literally translates to Main Character) has been terrifying all his schoolmates in every school he has been so far. He has one... more>>
0 Views 576 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Mar 25, 2022
Nakano-san is a high school girl who can look into people's minds. Because of that, she finds out that the mind of the popular Toda-kun... more>>
0 Views 78 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews Jul 6, 2016
Tanaka Manabu is a geeky student. One day on the way to school he meets a girl carrying a bloody bat. That girl is Ryuuzaki Reina, leader of the school's female delinquents. It's love at first sight. A gag manga (with a combination of 4-koma and normal page) about having a yankee dere-dere girlfriend.... more>>
0 Views 158 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews Nov 6, 2019
This manga is for those of you who just can't seem to say, "I love you." Toshiya Wakabayashi's acclaimed school-romance is jam-packed with frustration, embarrassment, and awkwardness! Heavily revised and with never-before-seen chapters, this omnibus edition of the popular 4-panel web comic offers an experience you can't find in the online version!... more>>
0 Views 42 Releases 0 Releases/Week 4 Readers 0 Reviews Sep 29, 2020
What do you do when the MMO you’ve run for 15 years comes to an end? Akira Ono didn’t get much of a choice —... more>>
0 Views 123 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Dec 31, 2020
Yukishiro Nanako is a cute, cheerful high school girl with one peculiar trait - instead of verbal communication, she writes senryu (a type of haiku) poems to relay her thoughts. Together with ex-delinquent Busujima Eiji, they are budding freshmen of the school's Literature Club.... more>>
0 Views 8 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Feb 14, 2013
Contains a main story and 3 oneshots.... more>>
0 Views 113 Releases 0 Releases/Week 10 Readers 0 Reviews Aug 3, 2022
Due to a misuse of a word joke on live TV broadcast, girl group otaku, 'Jin-Kyung' ended up becoming doxxed and labeled as a "child... more>>
0 Views 4 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews May 5, 2009
Sakura Kinomoto was just an average 4th Grader - loved P.E., hated math - until one day, while looking through her father's library, Sakura found the Clow, an enchanted book designed to hold a set of magical Clow Cards. But when Sakura opened the book, it was empty. Talk about disasters!! Cerberus, the Creature of the Seal, emerged from the cover of the book and told Sakura the cards must be returned to the book. "If the cards aren't in the book, they come to life and do evil!" Kero formed a contract with Sakura making her a Cardcaptor and together with Sakura's best friend, Tomoyo, they embark on a mystical journey to capture all... more>>
0 Views 205 Releases 0 Releases/Week 3 Readers 0 Reviews Nov 22, 2017
Kuromine is a guy who does not lie, hence his nick name "a bag full of holes". But everyone has secrets, and even Kuromine has... more>>
0 Views 299 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews Feb 19, 2014
Ishiyama High is a school populated entirely by delinquents, where nonstop violence and lawlessness are the norm. However, there is one universally acknowledged rule—don't cross first year student Tatsumi Oga, Ishiyama's most vicious fighter.... more>>
0 Views 599 Releases 1 Release/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Apr 10, 2024
During the Edo period, Japan is suddenly invaded by alien creatures known as the "Amanto." Despite the samurai's attempts to combat the extraterrestrial menace, the Shogun soon realizes that their efforts are futile and decides to surrender. This marks the beginning of an uneasy agreement between the Shogunate and Amanto, one that results in a countrywide sword ban and the disappearance of the samurai spirit.... more>>
0 Views 265 Releases 0 Releases/Week 8 Readers 0 Reviews May 21, 2021
Kaizaki Arata is a 27-year-old, out-of-work man who has failed at each and every job interview he has had after quitting his last company where he only lasted three months. His life changes after he meets Yoake Ryou of the ReLife Research Institute, who offers him a drug that can change his appearance to that of a 17-years-old again. Taking the drug, he becomes a subject in a one-year experiment in which he begins his life as a high school student again.... more>>
0 Views 97 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Jan 29, 2020
Hana has made every effort to avoid an inevitable family curse... of turning into a dog after her first kiss. Worst of all, the only... more>>
0 Views 411 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Oct 31, 2019
Yukihira Souma's dream is to become a full-time chef in his father's restaurant and surpass his father's culinary skill. But just as Yukihira graduates from... more>>
0 Views 136 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 1 Review Jun 21, 2020
A young boy named Yugo Hachiken aspires to live apart from his family. He enrolls in an agriculture school, one which requires its students to live in dormitories. He thinks that with his talent for studying, no problems will arise no matter what kind of school he goes to. But he is soon forced to discover the inconvenient truth about agricultural life. Enjoy the story of Hachiken as he tries to keep up with his friends, farmers' heirs who are already accustomed to a hardworking farm life.... more>>
0 Views 78 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 1 Review May 1, 2022
The God of Destruction Magu Menueku has been summoned by the Chaos Cult. Humanity's last hope is the honorable Holy Knights! The battle to save... more>>
0 Views 319 Releases 0 Releases/Week 4 Readers 0 Reviews Jun 20, 2021
A young man set forth to avenge his master, a once powerful martial artist who was betrayed by his own men and barely escaped with... more>>
0 Views 106 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Dec 31, 2023
A slice of life, romantic comedy about Yuuya and Rio who have just started living together.
0 Views 465 Releases 0 Releases/Week 7 Readers 0 Reviews May 2, 2023
On May 9th, 1999, Raku Ichijou was born into the Yakuza heir. On June 7th, 1999, Chitoge Kirisaki was born into the Bee Hive Gangsters.... more>>
0 Views 51 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews Oct 24, 2016
Fujiyama-san is 181 cm (Approx. 5' 11'') and she is the ace player for her school's volleyball team. Kanba-kun is 160 cm (Approx. 5' 3")... more>>
0 Views 30 Releases 0 Releases/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews Mar 21, 2008
The story is of Kitano Seiichirou, a very kind and pure-hearted young man, with a horrifying, monstrous face. People being what they are, they think... more>>
0 Views 145 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Sep 23, 2010
In an alchemical ritual gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and his leg, and his brother Alphonse became nothing but a soul in a suit of armor. Equipped with mechanical "auto-mail" limbs, Edward becomes a state alchemist, seeking the one thing that can restore his brother and himself... the legendary Philosopher's Stone.... more>>
0 Views 13 Releases 0 Releases/Week 1 Reader 0 Reviews Jul 9, 2021
Takes place a few years after Little Army. Emi, who had gone to her mother country, Germany, in order to learn about tanks, returns to... more>>